The major event on April 28th to 29th,2017 is broadcasting live surgery workshop from Busan, South Korea. This event will introduce the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the high end broadcast technology through the high speed internet and mobile phone. The new experience is to observe the operating theater in 3D and also the simultaneously communication with the surgeon.

The third day, April 30th, 2017 is conference, Multi specialty doctors from fellowship and diploma of TACS will present and focus on the Asian aesthetic surgery and medicine field. They contribute and dedicate their art and medical science in order to create the unique and sophisticate skill, are going to share knowledge technique and information.

Last but not least, It has been the 30 years since TACS was establish since 1987 to develop and educate the aesthetic physician in Thailand . This 30th anniversary is wonderful celebratory occasion and the biggest opportunity for the new aesthetic surgeon to meet and discuss with the TACS professors.